In Loving Memory

Kristian X. Allen | 1971 – 2012

My best friend Kristian was born and raised in South Carolina but, had aspirations to come to Hollywood and be a filmmaker. His desire to produce faith based films through the studio system was a dream he chased for many years. We met in church in early 2001 and not only did we become good friends but we had a professional partnership in corporate video projects. In fact, the first day we worked together was on the morning of September 11, 2001. Months later Kris developed and wrote the screenplay for the first independent film we produced – “Seasons of Life”. Post-production wrapped up by the end of 2002. Four years later the film finally found distribution and was available on DVD. In those in-between years Kris and I worked on other projects for other filmmakers however, in 2008 Kris developed the next project that we would be working together again on. “The 3 Angels Messages” was a documentary for an evangelical purpose and we marketed the DVD towards Christian churches worldwide. Soon after, in 2010 we collaborated on the development for our next project THE WILDERNESS.

In the same year Kristian’s health was becoming a serious issue. For many years Kris had struggle with anxiety and stress. All those years he sought medical attention from hospitals and doctors and was prescribed numerous SSRIs (i.e.Xanax) for treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and some personality disorders. The last 3 years of his life he suffered side effects from these “psychotropic” drugs. You see these drugs caused the death of my best friend because the leading side effect is suicide. I knew him very well, he loved GOD and he loved life. The drugs poisoned his brain and caused him to have a disconnect from his moral compass. I’m angry and heartbroken that this has happen to a loved one but, I will cherish the memories we had together on Earth forever.

-Steve William Gonzalez


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